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VERA Seminar

A Discussion on Climate Change

S. Fred Singer and Kenneth A. Haapala, Science & Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), Arlington, Virginia, USA

S. Fred Singer
Climate is affected by both human and natural factors, with scientists arguing on both sides -- IPCC vs NIPCC.
IPCC has used the 'Hotspot' [1996] and the 'Hockeystick' [2001] arguments in support of Global Warming;
I will present contrary evidence and point to Global Cooling as a more serious problem.

Kenneth A. Haapala
The recent Paris Accord is unlikely to achieve its announced goal of reducing atmospheric CO2 levels.
In addition to raising the costs of energy, and especially electric power, its financial aspects focus on massive wealth transfers from developed to developing countries.


Mittwoch, 25.05.2016    13:00 Uhr

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