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VERA Seminar

Climate Change in Deserts and the Role of CO2

Mebus Geyh, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany

Impressive climate changes between the glaciers of the Alps and the deserts of the Namib (Namibia), the Atacama (Chile) and the Thar (Pakistan) since the last 500 000 years raise the question whether they have been caused by the up and down of the atmospheric CO2. If so, can the global CO2 policy prevent the inundation of the densely populated coast strips around the world or does it favor the wealth of the rich countries in the middle latitudes penalizing the poor people living in the arid belt. Desert research has answers because these areas react particularly sensitive to climatic changes but suffers from the shortage of material suitable for accurate dating. However, numerical dating is indispensable for a success. The results and consequences of our own research, including also rare but relevant papers of others, will be discussed.

Donnerstag, 26.03.2015    16:30 Uhr

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