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VERA Seminar

Development of a Neptunium Standard Material for Mass Spectrometry

Akihiko Yokoyama, Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University, Japan

Recently the techniques of highly sensitive mass spectrometry underwent rapid development. Especially, for long-lived actinide nuclides, the techniques are becoming more and more important as a promising alternative of radioactivity measurements.  A tracer nuclide to determine the chemical recovery, which does not exist in nature and which is not contained in target samples, is absolutely necessary for that purpose. An isotopic tracer for environmental neptunium-237, however, has not yet been developed. We are looking for an efficient method for the production of 236Np as a candidate. This tracer could be produced via various nuclear reactions, but might be contaminated by 237Np, disturbing the measurement of 237Np in environmental samples. Up to date, the appropriate production conditions of 236Np are not known. We are now on the way to determine the cross sections of 236Np and the isotopic ratios of 236Np/237Np produced in the reactions of 238U + p and 232Th + 7Li.


Donnerstag, 24.05.2018    16:30 Uhr

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