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VERA Seminar

Gemeinsames VERA-SMI Seminar

Darkness beyond the Standard Model

Jochen Schieck, Institute of High Energy Physics, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

With the discovery of the Higgs Boson all particles of the Standard Model of Particle Physics are experimentally identified. However, we know that the Standard Model can not explain all measurements. In particular several astrophysical measurements can not be explained within the Standard Model. A famous shortcoming is the existence of the so-called Dark Matter. A very well motivated candidate for the Dark Matter are WIMPs, weakly interactive massive particles. The current status of WIMP searches and the plans of the new experimental group at the Institute of High Energy Physics are presented.

Donnerstag, 23.01.2014    16:30 Uhr
Währinger Str. 17 (Kavalierstrakt, Zugang durch den Hof)
1090 Wien


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