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VERA Seminar

Gemeinsames VERA-SMI Seminar

First experiments with a liquid-lithium based high-intensity 25-keV neutron source

Michael Paul, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

A high-intensity neutron source based on a Liquid-Lithium Target (LiLiT) and the 7Li(p,n) reaction was developed at SARAF (Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility, Israel) and is used for nuclear astrophysics experiments. The setup was commissioned with a 1.3 mA proton beam at 1.91 MeV, producing a neutron yield of ~ 2 ×1010 n/s, more than one order of magnitude larger than conventional 7Li(p,n)-based neutron sources and peaked at ~25 keV. The LiLiT device consists of a high-velocity (> 4 m/s) vertical jet of liquid lithium (~200 °C) whose free surface is bombarded by the proton beam. The lithium jet acts both as the neutron-producing target and as a power beam dump. The target dissipates a peak power areal density of 2.5 kW/cm2 and peak volume density of 0.5 MW/cm3 with no change of temperature or vacuum regime in the vacuum chamber. Preliminary results of Maxwellian-averaged cross section measurements for stable isotopes of Zr and Ce, performed by activation in the neutron flux of LiLiT, and nuclear-astrophysics experiments in planning will be described.

Donnerstag, 30.01.2014    16:30 Uhr
Währinger Str. 17 (Kavalierstrakt, Zugang durch den Hof)
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