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VERA Seminar

SCIEM 2000 - Cedar Dendrochronology in the Near East

Otto Cichocki, Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS), University of Vienna

The aim of the project Dendrochronology within the SFB "The Synchronization of Civilizations in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Second Millennium BC" was to start establishing an independent method for absolute dating of wood. Initial point was a discussion between natural scientists and Egyptologists about dating differences in Ancient Egypt, especially in the second millennium BC.

Sources for our studies were recent cedar stands, samples from historic buildings and data contributed by many colleagues. The result was an absolute standard from 2004 AD back to 1062 AD.

In order to collect data back to the Bronze Age, 959 single wooden pieces of 161 objects were measured from 13 museum and university collections housing Egyptian objects.

Cooperation with excavations in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria provided charcoal and wet-wood for dating. Several floating sequences, some of them dated by C-14, were the result.  A single sequence (jet not fully proven) consists of 692 years (rings). These results also caused a number of new questions...


Donnerstag, 30.06.2016    16:30 Uhr

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